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Named GP for all patients

Dated: 7-Aug-15

NHS England require all GP practice's to notify their patients (including children) that they have been allocated a named, accountable GP.  This is a requirement that every practice needs to have met by 31st March 2016, and that this practice is meeting now by including this information on our website (information added 7th August 2015).

Every patient at this practice is assigned to one of the GP partners / salaried GPs.  However this assignment in no way affects your choice of GP that you may prefer to see, or who may be available at a time that you prefer.  It is important to be clear that you do not need to wait and only see your named GP. 

Practices are asked to inform patients of this at the first appropriate interaction, so the GP or Nurse may advise you of this at your next appointment.  We are not required to write to patients to advise them of this, and this information on our website fulfils this contractual requirement.

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