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New Patients

How to Register as a Patient

For everyone wishing to register we will need you to complete and sign a GMS1 Form and a New Patient Questionnaire which you should then return to Shortstown Surgery.

Once we have recorded your details from the above form, we will contact you to arrange your registration appointment with a HCC. During this meeting, your health details will be discussed in order to guide you into the appropriate care pathways. Height, weight and blood pressure checks will also be made. In some cases, it may be necessary to book a follow up clinical review with an appropriate team member in order that we can address your health needs more comprehensively.

Our practice may choose to accept or decline any application on reasonable grounds. We will not refuse any application on grounds of race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition.

Visiting the UK? You may be chargeable for NHS treatment

For more information view this leaflet.

Special Categories of Registration

In addition to standard patient registrations, we welcome patient registrations to those who fall into the following categories:

University/college student:

This service is available to students who would normally reside in the area, but who will be registering at their college health service for term time care. We will be able to provide you with continuity of care whilst you are at home during holidays or when taking home breaks, by keeping a health record that can be activated at the beginning of college holidays by a simple email or phone call, or as an emergency. If you are not already a patient, it would be best to set up this registration a year before you go to college to allow us to get to know you and build up a medical record.

Maternity care only:

You have a right to be seen for maternity services at whatever surgery you choose and provided that the practice is happy to offer this service for the duration of the pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after. This service is free of charge as it is NHS funded. Your general care remains with your own GP.

Contraceptive services only:

You have the right to be seen at whatever surgery you wish to receive contraceptive services, provided that the practice is happy to offer this service. This service is free of charge as it is NHS funded. Your general care remains with your own GP.

Disabled access:

The healthy living centre has disabled access and has been designed to meet all the latest provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Our staff will be pleased to assist you and make your visit to the surgery as pleasant and comfortable an experience as possible. The following facilities are available from the helpdesk on request: Hearing loop, Wheelchair, Personal assistance if frail or visually impaired.