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Managing Appointments with SystmOnline

Viewing Past/Future Appointments:

Click the View Past Appointments / View Future Appointments link on the Home Page, or click the Past Appointments / Future Appointments buttons on the main menu bar. This page shows the date, day, start and end time of past appointments as well as the location, clinician and booking status, e.g. 'Booked'.

Booking an Appointment:

Click the Book Appointment link on the Home Page or the Book Appointment button on the main menu bar. The page displayed shows details of all the sessions at your GP practice that are available for online booking. The table shows the date an appointment is available, the earliest and latest slot times, as well as the location, clinician & session type. A drop-down list will be available for you to select dates further in the future. Select an option and click Show. Click View Available Appts for the session you require. A list of appointments is displayed showing the appointment type, start & end time, & duration of the appointment. Click Book against your chosen appointment. Check the details of the appointment and check that this is the appointment you want. If appropriate, enter the reason for your appointment in the Reason field, e.g. Blood Pressure check. This will help practice staff prepare for your appointment.  Note that information you enter may be seen by all practice staff, not just the doctor/nurse. To continue without booking the appointment, click Cancel. To confirm the appointment, click Book Appointment.  To print the details, click Print. Otherwise, click Back or any other menu option.

Cancelling an Appointment:

To cancel an appointment, go to the Future Appointments page and click the Cancel Appointment button relating to the appropriate appointment. Check the appointment details and click Cancel this appointment. To continue without cancelling the appointment, click Back or any other menu option; otherwise, click Close.